Interior Architects in London

When embarking on a high end property development, engaging partners who share your values and perspective from the very beginning is key to achieving the highest synthesis of elegance and quality, function and form. Ensuring that outstanding exterior architectural design is met with the same level of interior architecture, London-based Maike Gruna Interiors brings her great depth and breadth of over 15 years' experience to the table and can work with you from the earliest conceptual stages.

Each project that Maike undertakes is entirely tailored to the individual client and their architectural vision for the space. For this reason, she will devote considerable time and energy to a single project and prefers to engage with a prospective client as early as possible in the design process to schedule in the capacity to work closely on the design at critical points.

So, if your bespoke property development can benefit from an interior architect with the uncompromising attention to detail, whether it is a small individual property or a larger development, please make an enquiry with Maike Gruna Interiors today by filling out the form below.